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3 Rooms of carpet deep cleaned, sanitised and conditioned for only £99 when you book today!

Are you in need of carpet cleaning but you have had terrible experiences in the past with companies that said they are the best and they will get your carpets looking brand new for a cheap price but when put to the test you received poor or average results with very long drying times and lingering odours for days?

We understand how you feel and have come up with a carpet cleaning service that will not only clean your carpets, but leave you feeling like you actually got what you paid for and you weren’t “taken to the cleaners”

Book our services today and let us show you the difference between a proper company and the cowboys you always see on Facebook

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  • Carpets take days to dry due to the cheap and poor quality equipment
  • Carpets still look dirty once they dried
  • Stains come back after a couple of days
  • Carpets develop a bad ,musty smell after they leave
  • Carpets feel crunchy once dried and get dirty faster after cleaning
  • Try to charge you more after the cleaning was done and demand cash
  • Carpets usually take 2-4hrs to dry due to high performance equipment
  • Carpets dry out to look beautiful and clean every time
  • We deep clean from the pile up so no stain wick back
  • We sanitise your carpets and upholstery leaving them smelling fresh
  • We use a conditioner to leave the fibres soft and residue free
  • All charges are set before the job start and cards are accepted

TOP 5 reasons why you shouldn't delay carpet cleaning

  • Carpet in need of cleaning wear down faster! Surprised? It's true, carpets that are not professionally cleaned on a regular basis wear down up to 50% faster due to the soil load within the fibres acting like sandpaper and wearing them down. That can lead to carpets being replaced before their normal lifespan costing you ££££ in the long run!
  • Air quality drops in homes with unclean carpets! Have you ever heard people say carpets are healthier than hardflooring?That's because they are the biggest air filter in your home, catching and holding a great amount of dust, pollen and other allergens! When they are properly cleaned the load is taken off, allowing them to keep filtering your air, and you definitely need air!
  • Odours get absorbed by carpets! Have you noticed that the last time you had the carpets replaced the whole house smelled better for weeks? That's because carpets are magnets for smells and odours like any other textile fabrics! We can achieve odour removal and apply a deodoriser to completely freshen your home!
  • Stains can become permanent! The longer you leave stains on or the more you try to remove them with DIY products or equipment the worse the chances are that we can remove them and make your carpets beautiful again so please don't put it off for longer as they may be permanent!
  • Doesn't look good! Let's face it ,we all get embarrassed sometimes by the way our carpets look to friends and family! Having them regularly serviced keeps them looking in top condition all year long!

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